Northern Ireland in Two Days

Northern Ireland in Two Days

I visited a good friend (George) in Northern Ireland last year and whilst I was there predominantly to have a long overdue catchup, it was my first time over in Northern Ireland so cramming in a guided tour was a given. I made the 50 minute flight over after a Friday in the office and had my chauffeur friend pick me up on the other side. Always nice when having friends abroad isn’t it? 

Flight Info

  • Flying from Manchester to Belfast Int’l – £80 Return (Friday 7pm – Monday 7:30am) with EasyJet.
  • Cheapest I could get for the times I wanted to go – booking about 7 days in advance.

Friday evening was spent catching up about almost everything and fitting in a late dinner at the quirky restaurant Kitch. It all went a but hazy after that (due to a really long day) but I do remember how good my trio of sliders were!

Day 2. Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede and Port Rush


Next morning, a leisurely breakfast made by my second mum. Thanks mum. Then we set off for destination number 1. Giant’s Causeway. We decided to take the coastal route from Belfast as it was going to be much more scenic. I just sat and took in the views for 1.5 hours. The winds were out in full force so just the job I wrapped up before leaving the house. Although I’d have been lucky if the temperatures were on our side due it only being January.


Weather aside, Giant’s Causeway was breath-taking. We walked and rock-hopped around the Grand Causeway and also the Giant’s Boot where we had one of the local guides tell us the myth behind the Scottish giant and his ‘big boot’ which is reported to be an enormous 93! Giant indeed.

Given the short days, we headed off to see Carrick-a-Rede bridge, a rope bridge that had been erected way back in 1755. Unfortunately due to the it being off-season closing times were earlier so we didn’t manage to cross the bridge but did get to walk up to it and see the sheer scale of the drop and length.


Eat & Drink

With the day almost done it was time to go out for dinner & drinks. We headed over to Portrush and had drinks in the nautical themed Neptune & Prawn. Well with a name like that, it wasn’t difficult to give it a go. The food here actually looked amazing to but we had a few drinks in the bar upstairs then popped over to Wine Bar for food. Although a lively atmosphere, it was very busy and we got told you couldn’t book a table. So us (a group of four) along with what seemed 30 other people waited to be seated. I was expecting great things. We got seated after 25 minutes or so, and once ordered food I felt a little underwhelmed. Maybe it was the fact it was a full restaurant so the food was churned out? Who knows. Friends had also said it wasn’t as tasty as when they’d come previously.


Tips: Eat at Neptune & Prawn, the food looked much better with a more relaxed atmosphere. If you head there, check beforehand if you can book a table – request a window seat as you get a pretty good view of the port looking out to sea.



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