Why a solo trip now?

Why a solo trip now?

Q&A with yours truly. Here’s why I decided it

How Did North America Come About?

Way back when, aged 11 – my first holiday to America for two weeks. We had spent a week in Chicago to visit other family before flying across to Orlando, Florida to visit Disney Land, Universal Studios and Sea world. Everything an 11 year old dreams of right? Even though I was young, I could sense the sheer scale of the USA compared to the UK and that’s where the fascination begun.

Solo Trip, Why Now?

I started thinking about this trip seriously when I was at university, so around 2012-2013. Meeting so many people at the time who had either been away travelling on a gap year or had plans to travel globally after graduation. Either way – it spurred me. They say those who are around you, influence you. Well that’s true – a lot of the time. It also encouraged me to go off and travel alone.


Whose Trek America?

Although I wanted something completely solo, in reality – that would involve a lot of money, planning and my mum letting me go (all of which wasn’t going to happen). Then, I started to look at group treks. After seeing a few bloggers and friends using Trek America, I decided to check it out myself as it specialised in different tour routes across America & Canada.

And lastly, Why the Southern Sun route?

Taking time out after university to travel at my leisure didn’t work out. Why? I landed a job pretty instantly post graduation which slowed things down. In retrospect, it gave me a platform to jump-start my career in digital marketing and also a chance to start saving (well as much as I could, given I’d be back in Manchester paying bills and playing grown-up, boo).

Fast forward to Jan 2015 – I had been working for over a year so decided I could still make my America trip work. The only limitations I would have would be the time I’d get off, as quitting my job wasn’t an option right now.

So after persuading my manger to let me take 95% of my annual leave in one go, gave me around 22 days to work with. I started the research phase all over again and booked Southern Sun departing from LA – New York. I wanted to give myself a shorter flight heading back home as I’d be in work the next day (no time for jet-lag!). The trek itself was 21 days but I wanted to give myself a few days each side to explore outside the trip.

This route looked to tick off most of the places I wanted to visit together with a few places I’d never really thought to take a look at. Hey, sometimes you’ve just got to go in blind. It all adds to the experience.


I was happy enough to be going across on the world on my own, only meeting people from all over who would be on this journey with me.

Follow my Southen Sun adventure below…

Trek America Journey




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