Day 4: Zion, Utah

Day 4: Zion, Utah

We’re on our way to Zion National Park!

But  before I continue, if you want to read about my first leg of this route click below: 

My time in LA
2 Days in Las Vegas

I can safely say that my excitement levels are fairly high. I mean it’s my first slice of nature since flying into LA. Don’t get me wrong the first 3 days have been pretty insane but I’m pumped to get into hiking mode and explore the great national parks that are park of the trek america route.

So, we’re about an hour out from Zion and weather warnings start appearing on the radar for floods in the nearby area. Luckily, we mange to get our campsite, trailer van and the group in-tact. Campsite also checks out. It’s not exactly dry though. Damp would be an understatement, its coming down hard making me question whether we’re going to be able to sleep here tonight. Our trek leader is quick to reassure us – it’s all going to be fine. So with that we set-up our tent for the very first time. In adverse weather conditions, I’d still give my first attempt a solid 8 out of 10. Lacking 2 points because me and Amie weren’t fast enough to put it up without getting pissed wet through (soaked to the rest of you).

Our first campsite, offset by the cliffs and moody skies of the storm ahead.

Tent up, I change into my hiking gear and we get ready to head out. Just kidding, I own no real hiking gear. So really I mean yoga pants & a tee (trusty combo). With the rain not slowing down, we get advised to avoid the original plan which is to trek to the Angels Landing. It’s steep and the sections of the paths could be over-flowing with rain water by now. Can’t say I’m not disappointed but then again, I’d rather not be loosing a leg 4 days in. So with that, we get directed onto a shorter route, ‘Weeping Rock’. a 4 mile hike into the park of which you come into a boulder with 360 views of the cliffs. I live for great views, so that’s a no-brainer. We all head off. 

As for the walk, we hop on the shuttle bus from our campsite and get off 7 stops later. The closest one for Weeping Rock tail head and several others. As with normal bus routes, all the shuttles have their first and last journeys of the day. The 4 mile walk isn’t strenuous but you do come across a couple of steep areas. Some path ways are also quiet narrow, so if you’re not a fan of heights, make sure to walk with someone.

We edge up on to the landing of Weeping Rock and instantly, I see what all the fuss is about. The huge red cliffs are given life by the garden that sits in front of them. The famous stream which is how this route gets it’s name of ‘Weeping’ is more dramatic than usual due to the heavy rain. But I prefer it, just adds a little something to the atmosphere.  

P1020898 P1020899



What a view. I’d come back here in a heartbeat, you only need to look around to see how beautiful and dramatic the park is. Weather permitting, I’d happily come back and ensure the steeper trails to see Zion in its element.

Anyone else been? Leave your route recommendations below. Hoping when we set off for the Grand Canyon to get good hiking conditions!



  1. 1st October 2016 / 7:28 PM

    I’ve always wanted to go to all of the National Parks in the states! They’re stunning and your photos are beautiful 🙂

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