Day 7: Monument Valley, Utah

Day 7: Monument Valley, Utah

I think i’m still aching from our two days in the Grand Canyon. On the road again and we’re soon approaching one of North America’s most iconic landscapes, Monument Valley. Situated on the Arizona-Utah border, famous for its sandstone peaks and endless desert land. About to throw ourselves into the history of the place and I can’t wait. Slightly geeky, I know.

As we only have a day here, the whole group opt to book themselves on the jeep tour where we get a jeep tour of the Navajo Reservation. It’s around $40 for the tour alone, but highly recommended. Having a local drive you through 20 miles of desert landscapes, we stop off at all the major monuments which include the Three Sisters, John Ford’s Point and Totem Pole. As well as driving up to the famous monuments, we also get driven through the back roads giving us insight as to how the locals live in the hogans (Navajo homes) with very little to no electricity or all influx of technology that we take for granted. It’s a much more simpler, low-key but effective way of living for the people.

The tour lasts around a couple of hours before you’re back but not without taking a look at the local stores which produce the famous Navajo tiles, hand-made jewelry and dyed wool rugs. All of which are popular craft objects made within the villages. The whole experience, surreal yet satisfying to learn about. Out of all my USA destinations so far, I’d say this stop has been the most enriching in terms of history and culture as it goes back much further than that of LA or Vegas.

Tips: Get yourself on a jeep tour, with a local. It feels that much more personal having someone who lives there show you around vs. someone whose paid to talk about the area. They also have the insider knowledge.

Highlights: Sitting underneath the Pine Tree arch, listening to local singing.


In Pictures:


On the sandy roads – Jeep Tour


A very questionable stance – Monument Valley


Looking out on the monuments

P1030079-monument valley

Sore bums – end of the Jeep tour





Credit: Our Jeep Tour Guide via Joy’s Camera!

IMG_1909-monument valley

Monument Valley Sunset – What a sight!



Southern Sun adventure so far!




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