Day 8: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Day 8: Santa Fe, New Mexico

On the road again to Santa Fe, hitting up New Mexico’s capital city.

With only a few hours in this state, it’s bundled off as more of a trip-break rather than an actual destination. Still, it doesn’t stop us making the most of time outside the van (as much I love cruising for 5+ hours).

We hop out at the square and walk on down to San Miguel Mission/Chapel, built around 1610 – it’s claimed to be the oldest of that in the USA. Fairly impressive to see how much of it is still intact , although if trying to appreciate it in comparison some grand chapels, it may not have the same ‘wow’ factor. The chapel follows the theme of several churches within a few square miles of the city. It’s easy to see how much religion plays a part of the New Mexico. I mean we walk up to the main gardens outside the plaza and see a group of ‘Christ Believers’ singing with joy and everyone getting involved. There’s definitely a wider sense of community here than I’ve seen elsewhere in the states.


Santa Fe’s Pretty Streets

Santa Fe, is much more laid-back with it’s prominent Spanish influences from Mexico itself. Pretty much everyone speaks Spanish first, then English second. All the art exhibitions that line the streets are that of Religion and the Navajo people (refer back to Monument Valley to discover more). Canyon Road is a great road if you’re really into art, it’s a real up-market feel as some original pieces can go for up to $20,000. Of course, there’s plenty of novelty gifts too. I’ve picked up a feathered dream-catcher and a mini some Navajo tiles. So so cultured and very #UOaround me.


So even-though it-s mid-afternoon, doesn’t stop my always on breakfast cravings. Luckily for me, we pass Clafoutis French Bakery. An amazing little bakery/restaurant which have all day breakfast / brunch options. Try the pastries and the fresh cakes – all baked in store.

Things not to miss:

  • Canyon Road – great little art galleries, high end restaurants if you fancy some lunch whilst admiring the charming atmosphere around you.
  • Loretto Chapel  – another famous chapel, more grande than the San Miguel Mission. Features a ‘miraculous staircase’, say no more!
  • The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi – like I said, city is built around Cathedrals/Churches. This is another – and it’s fairly special too.

The only down-side to this, not visiting during festival season. Apparently not to miss, so if you’re planning to hit up Santa Fe, research beforehand for a festival line-ups for the full experience.


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