Tips For Booking Cheap Flights

Tips For Booking Cheap Flights

Previously, I’ve spoken about Skyscanner being my go-to for flight deals and general flight comparison. With our trip itinerary constantly growing, so has our list of resources and tips to help bank those cheap flights! Working full-time gives us certain constraints but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise and book expensive travel.

Off-Peak Travel

Depending on your professions, there’s a greater chance you can take annual leave during off-peak season. Use that to your advantage. Research has shown flight prices to increase up-to 6 times more during peak-season.

One-Way Tickets are your Friend

Research both one-way and return flights. Most people will look to book a return flight, out of ease – more than anything. But recently we found that most of our flights worked out cheaper when booking as two one-way tickets rather than a return. With booking separately though – Read up beforehand on things like carry-on allowances and online check-ins as this may differ between the airlines.

This may be seen as a hassle, but it’s never been an issue for us.

Budget Friendly Sites

The majority of our trips have been short or medium haul to Europe. For this type of travel the following sites have always been good for scoping out cheap flights:

  • Ryan Air – 90% of people will have heard or used the budget-friendly airline, Ryan Air within Europe. It’s fairly consistent service, a second hand carry-on and budget fares are what keep drawing us back to them. We’ve never had a bad flight with them (ok, so once, but that was Frances’ fault due an air traffic strike).

Ryan Air Fare Finder

  • Holiday Pirates – A good site for all round cheap and budget friendly flights and hotels. Flight only section partners with many airlines to feed through a good range of prices to compare. This gets used primarily for alternate airport checks.

Holiday Pirates

  • Bravo Fly – A flight comparison tool which focuses on cheap flights! What more do you need.

Bravo Fly

Mid-week vs. Weekend

When going away for a short trip, try and look at a day either side of your expected dates. Moving your flight a day or two earlier so you depart midweek rather than a weekend can drop the flight price by a lot!

Join Mailing Lists

Many budget airlines also do seasonal offers, where flights will be discounted. Sign up to be the first to receive and make use of the discounts before general public!

Not So Last Minute

Booking or finding a deal last minute isn’t always cheaper – for those who aren’t so spontaneous, researching will help you get a good deal. To tie in with my previous note, using discounts that are offered during seasonal sales can take a good % off the air fare.

Check Alternate Airports

The closest airport to us in Manchester, but on a couple of occasions the prices just haven’t come up as cheap as we’d like, so we’ve looked at Liverpool which isn’t much further to get to but have had flights sometimes £40 cheaper! Always worth checking out if you aren’t too far away .


Have you picked up any tips along the way? Share below.

Finally, enjoy those trips away!



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