Day 10-11: Austin, Texas

Austin Day 1, Cowboy Boots, The Capital and Hostel Lovin’

Houston, we have a problem. Yes the problem is that we’ve been driving for 8 or so hours from Amarillo to Austin, Texas. This mighty old state.

On the plus side, we’re here and not needing to camp for two nights. Oh, the luxury. Got ourselves a little hostel in the heart of Austin. How nice it feels to be lying on bed. I mean don’t get wrong, camping is and has been fun. But a real room, showers, a chill out room and super-fast wi-fi. The dream.

After un-packing, my aim was to get out on to the streets and explore life in Austin. The girls had other motives (to go shopping for cowboy boots). With country fashion not really my thing, I had to find something in Austin that was going to be a winner. That was the food, but the city itself is pretty cool. We spent the afternoon mooching the shops, me – questioning the country attire somewhat and popping into the many music shops and vinyl hunting. Luckily for me, it wasn’t restricted to country music.

No route on the Trek America trail is complete without visiting the landmarks. So with Austin, we ticked off the State Capitol, Presidential Library and State History Museum. All great if you’re a history buff or want to admire state buildings at large. This city is full of them. I chose not to spend too long here as it was more a business district with little else to do.

Back at the hostel, the aim was to get ready and have a team night out on the the famous 6th Street. With Austin, better known to the world as ‘Live Music Capital of the World”, the group were excited just to have a good night out where we could all dance and let loose / not worry about cooking dinner on the camp fire and doing the chores!

6th Street Austin, Texas.

Walking down Sixth Street, we heard all types of music playing. They weren’t joking about the live music, almost every place we passed had a live band or singer. After finding a rooftop bar (pictured above), we stayed as it was a good base. The band played covers I knew too, which was a bonus.

Day 2, Barton Springs

A lie in and a big breakfast. Possibly one of my favourite mornings yet since starting Trek. A notable change from all the early mornings.

So today was our free day and we all split up based upon how we wanted to spend our day. Three of us girls opted for paddle boarding, whilst some of the boys picked kayaking and the others all to be dropped off in central for more sight-seeing, perusing, etc. I was excited for paddle-boarding.  Arriving at the Springs and to prep for paddle boarding ,we had to put our things in a locker to keep them secure which cost about ($2, refundable) and the actual paddle boarding was about $25 for about two-three hours.

It was definitely a great way to spend the afternoon. After walking around the capital city just the day before and driving out of the business district into this little enclosure (actually very large). Just soaking up the rays, paddling across from one end of the springs to the other. Definitely a plus on getting in some great views, albeit from a different perspective.

Barton Spring, Texas - &

Stay tuned for my final part  stretch of Texas.



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