2016: My Year in Travel

2016: My Year in Travel

I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve managed to have four months pass without posting to the blog. Apologies, I’ve had lot’s going behind the scenes – work work work work. I guess the work-blogging balance went a little out the window. But I thought I’d bring myself back with a round-up of 2016’s year in travel. I did something similar for 2015 which was a BUSY year. If you fancy reading all about then I’ll link this here.

I was lucky enough to travel a lot last year too and it didn’t really sink in until I sat and went through my 1000’s of photos. Thank god for that 128 GB iPhone. 


The first trip of the year was a long weekend in the Lake District. True to English weather, it rained the whole time we were there (by that I mean torrential downpour, flooding). Not letting that stop us, our little hire car trundled through the muddy lake roads and we even got a couple of scenic walks in. Definitely made more cosy by our stay in a lovely little B&B in Ambleside. The hosts next to none, making fresh American style breakfasts each morning.

Amble Side - Lake District - &otherplaces.co.uk

Ambleside, Lake District


My very first snow trip in Les Deux Alpes, France. I cannot tell you how excited I was to be here, even with falling on my arse 70% of the time whilst learning to snowboard. The mountain views, great weather and apres-ski definitely made up for it. It’s definitely fueled my appetite for more winter trips!

Les Deux Alpes, France - &otherplaces.co.uk

Balcony View @ Les Deux Alpes, France

Les Deux Alpes, France - &otherplaces.co.uk

Les Deux Alpes, France


Back in our favorite European country, Portugal. This time we headed to Porto for a few days for a friend’s birthday. Just like Lisbon, Porto had this major street appeal. The people are definitely some of most friendly I’ve met. I put together a mini-guide for our stay which is great if you’re on a budget!

Porto Streets, Portugal - &otherplaces.co.uk

Porto Streets, Portugal

Porto Centre, Portugal - &otherplaces.co.uk

Porto Building Appreciation, Portugal


Another trip in the UK, this time the lovely little seaside town of Barmouth. Despite more heavy rain, I had a wonderful time beach hopping and getting to know the ins and outs of this little coastal town. Even managed a scenic drive around Snowdonia and Betws-y-Coed, all areas which I highly recommend.

Barmouth Coast, North Wales - &otherplaces.co.uk


Staying in July, we went on one of my favorite trips of year – Paris! After visiting for the first time in January 2015, I knew instantly it’s a place I’d fall in love with. Summer bought a completely different vibe – brunch spotting, canal side lunching and a whole heap more. It was only appropriate to dedicate a post to my top Parisian summer spots.

Canal St. Martin, Paris - &otherplaces.co.uk

Canal St. Martin, Paris

Sacre Coeur, Paris - &otherplaces.co.uk

Sacre Coeur, Paris


Back to staycations, this time heading on a bit of of Yorkshire road trip. After spending a day in York, we took to the road across the Moors to Knaresborough. Perfect English summer’s day; boating down the canal, and well eating ice-cream because we it hit 18 degrees. Why not, eh. 

River Nidd, Knaresborough, Yorkshire - &otherplaces.co.uk

September / October

The biggest trip of my year (each year needs one). This was spending 15 days travelling across some Adriatic sea. First stop was Montenegro and it was oh-so glorious. Dramatic mountain landscapes on every turn, a great little old town and one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever stayed. I’ll let the pictures and post do the talking.

Dobrota, Bay of Kotor - Montenegro - &otherplaces.co.uk

From Montenegro, we traveled up to Dubrovnik. A contrast going for our relaxing little bay to the old town, but I wasn’t complaining. So much history, so so many Game of Thrones fans. A cheeky day trip to Bosnia, well because another day, another country right?

After mainland Croatia, we set out to some of the Croat Islands; Korcula, Vis, Hvar and then back to mainland but up to Zadar. I’m slowly getting round to writing up the content for this trip, as this spun over 2 weeks, I want to make sure I can give you all enough detail for each place. They definitely deserve it. But for now, I’ll pop in a mini postcard entry.

City Walls, Dubrovnik - Croatia - &otherplaces.co.uk

City Walls, Dubrovnik – Croatia – &otherplaces.co.uk

Hvar Evening Walks, Croatia - &otherplaces.co.uk

Hvar Evening Walks, Croatia

Korcula Island, Croatia - &otherplaces.co.uk

THE Bluest Waters, Korcula Island – Croatia

Mostar, Bosnia - &otherplaces.co.uk

Mostar, Bosnia

Zadar Sunset, Croatia - &otherplaces.co.uk

Zadar Sunset – &otherplaces.co.uk

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - &otherplaces.co.uk

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


Finally squeezing in my last trip of year. Birthday trip to the Yorkshire coast. Staying in the lovely Raithwaite Estate in Sandsend; this weekend was all about relaxing, eating some good food and pottering around the little fishing towns.

Saltburn, Yorkshire Coast - &otherplaces.co.uk

Saltburn, Yorkshire Coast

This year I was planning to cut my holidays right down due to saving up for my first house! Scary thoughts, I know. Going on trips is definitely the more fun choice! Saying that, I can’t not go away at all so I’ve booked in a couple of cheeky budget-friendly trips already:

April – Lanzarote, Canary Islands

July – Edinburgh, Scotland

September – Algarve, Portugal

What was your travel highlight of last year?



  1. 5th February 2017 / 3:02 AM

    Wow, so many beautiful pictures! It looks like you have even more trips planned! My travel highlight of 2016 was definitely visiting Angkor Wat! It was absolutely stunning!

    • Fee
      5th February 2017 / 8:57 PM

      Thankyou! Yes a couple for now, while I also try and save money too! That sounds amazing 🙂

  2. 5th February 2017 / 3:13 PM

    You’ve done SO much in that time! Montenegro and Dubrovnik look especially stunning! I think my highlight of 2016 was Bali – but it’s hard to choose!

    • Fee
      5th February 2017 / 8:58 PM

      I try to squeeze in as much as I can! 2015 was definitely my busiest year. Ah I’d love to visit Bali

  3. 6th February 2017 / 9:13 AM

    Wow, you managed to get in quite a bit of travelling done over the year! How exciting it is to leave behind the everyday routine for a few days of adventure. While I’ve visited some of these places (Lake District is SO beautiful!), I’d love to visit the ones I haven’t had a chance to yet. Loved reading about your experiences 🙂

    • Fee
      8th February 2017 / 9:15 AM

      I’m lucky to live in the UK. Sometimes we don’t make the most of what’s on our doorstep but it definitely helps when you only have a weekend to getaway.

  4. 6th February 2017 / 10:35 AM

    Wow, you saw so much! Some of your trips looks really inviting. I want to check out Balkans more one day! I am glad you speak nice about Portugal, I just booked a plane ticket to Lisbon for a solo trip in March and can’t wait!!! 🙂

    • Fee
      8th February 2017 / 9:17 AM

      The Balkans are amazing, it’s definitely a place where I’d head back and explore more. You will love Lisbon, it’s s laid-back and full of amazing street-art.

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