Manchester Series: A Night with Wes Anderson

So, as I’m not travelling abroad for a few months, I thought I’d cover more of my goings-on in Manchester. I’ve lived here for over 5 years now, and love so many places that it’s time I started shouting about them.

If you’ve visited here, hopefully you’ll agree. If you haven’t, where you hiding at?

Anyway, last night, we popped down to Victoria Baths, a Grade II listed building which opened up in 1906. Not to go for a swim, as that got shut down back in ’93. But to watch a screening of Moonrise Kingdom, a film by Wes Anderson. A friend kindly got us tickets. I LOVE Wes Anderson, his filmography, his unique style and the charm that comes across in his films. Although I’d seen Moonrise Kingdom before, I was happy to go see it again – this time in a restored public bath!

Ok, so it was a little cold, but there’s something about the setting of deck chairs lining the disused pool waiting to get cosy in with large blankets, hot drinks and snacks! We arrived a little before the screening to get some food and have a mooch around the building. The building itself, is very impressive with the restoration done to a high standard. The room next to main screening area was open and hosted a couple of local foodie tents, I scurried over to get some glorified home-cut chips, dripping in cheese, mushrooms onions and homemade vegan gravy! If that isn’t comfort food at it’s best I don’t know what is. They also had a wood-fired pizza pop-up which had people queuing! Food and drinks in-tact, we sat down and got cosy (disclaimer: for the February weather we’ve been having, more blankets were definitely needed!). 

Wes bought his A-game, but of course that I knew because I’d seen the film before. Still, it was a nice experience and much how’d i prefer to spend my night then out on the streets getting rained on!

Victoria Baths: Cinema Screening Night - &

Victoria Baths: Cinema Screening Night

Victoria Baths - &

Snap Happy: Victoria Baths – &




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