Day 13-14: New Orleans

The last few posts I wrote on the Trek America series, ended up with us visiting Texas and since then, everything seems to have come to a halt. For that, I do apologise.

If you have been one of those following it day-to-day then you may have also noticed that I’ve skipped day 12. This was deliberate, and although we drove out from Texas to Louisiana – it was very brief and we spent time at our great camp site, chilling out, making the most of the lake nearby and soaking up some much needed sun. I also took a break from all things social, meaning I also got to forgot to take any pictures. So a post, without any pictures will have been a slightly dull read (I wouldn’t do that to you!).

New Orleans Day 1; French Quarter, All that Jazz & A hell of a night on Bourbon Street

Driving on, we head into one of the places I had been most excited for pre-trip, and that place is New Orleans.

We arrive at our townhouse in the arty little French Quarter. Super fun, as for once all the girls got the 7 bedroom house and the boys get a smaller house on the other side. With a whole house to play with, actual space to get ready  and REAL baths, I take this opportunity to look my best (by best, I mean put on some slap and  shiny shoes!).

Priorities first, mission: find local tasty food. It’s midday, we go grab some food and listen to some LIVE JAZZ. SO DREAMY. There’s just something about jazz music, I’ve always loved. The food also needs some praise, I’ve had the Crawfish Étouffée, a traditional New Orleans dish made up of a shellfish stew and rice. So bloody good. So full of flavor. Alot of the other girls have gone for the Gumbo and Jambalaya and they all look pretty happy with themselves too. I don’t eat pork so for the sake of reviews – I add in their input.

Post food baby, we wander round Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street popping inn and out of several cafe’s listening to all types of jazz. Although these area’s are packed full of tourists, it’s such a laid-back vibe. The locals here too just to soak up the atmosphere.

We head back to the house to give us time to chill out and get ready for some Mardi Gras’esqe partying later. Being in New Orleans in September meant we missed the actual festival which happens earlier on in the year. Not letting that get us down we throw on some questionable masks and head out to Bourbon Street to party!

Alot of karaoke, street dancing and loosing a flipping sandal and we’re home at 6 AM. GAWD. But so so worth it.

Day 2; Feeling sorry for ourselves and 2 breakfasts!

Not waking up till around midday, not even a shower can sort me out right now. First breakfast in the market helps though, shortly followed by a second breakfast. It’s a staple in my diet. I’m starting to feel alive again. All the girls wanting the same thing, we spend the day just wandering through the center, hitting all the local markets – picking out jewelry and little nick-knacks. There’s definitely room to haggle the prices down with so many stalls offering similar items!

I use the rest of the day to soak up as much jazz as I can before have to say goodbye to this wonderful city! Below is the last snap I have on my phone of New Orleans, the Louis Armstrong park at night! A must-visit when here.



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